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ThingLink Project Rubric

Page history last edited by Jason Lineberger 11 years, 2 months ago

The ThingLink Project Rubric


Project Requirements
Meets all requirements.  Team used ThingLink to create their project.  Five links included (four from the red list, one from the blue list).  Project successfully submitted via email.
Meets the majority of the project requirements.  May be missing a link or turned in a day late.
Meets some of the project requirements.  Project is missing several required links.
Literary Insight
All five links show a solid understanding of the literary elements from Les Miserables.
Some links show a strong understanding of literary elements while others need more support.
Links either show a misinterpretation of the literary elements or they lack necessary insight.
Variety of Presentation
Each link uses a different approach to deliver the content.  The presentation includes audio.  There are moving and still images.
While a couple of the links utilize the same approach, the overall effect shows a variety of audio, video, still and moving images.
Most of the links utilize the same mode of presentation.
Visual Appeal
The project looks good.  It invites investigation.
While there may be some flaws, overall the project looks appealing.
The project lacks appeal.  It doesn't invite the viewer to investigate the links.


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